Accreditation Statement

Accreditation Statement of QRA Certification:

Accreditation Statement Of QRA Certification. Is a Globally Recognized Accredited certification body, accredited by UKAF accreditation for ISO/IEC 17021:2015, Conformity Assessment-Requirements, For Bodies providing Audit and Certification of Management Systems,

Accreditation Statement Of QRA Certification. Logo Quality Research Accreditation. It is a registered trade-name and trademark by the Government of India.

Accreditation Statement Of QRA

Accreditation Statement Of QRA Certification. Serves Pan INDIA Network in the field of ISO certification. QRA Certification has a vision of Quality Transformation through its Services.

Accreditation Statement Of QRA Certification. It is a combination of Transparent, Neutral & Verities. QRA Certification Provides. ISO Services. 9001:2015, 14001:2015. 45001:2018, 22000:2018 and ISO 27001:2013 Certification Services.

Accreditation Statement Of QRA Certification. has more than 15 Auditors and approx. 30 Technical Experts across the Pan INDIA Network. And this number is growing.

Use of Logo:

Accreditation Statement Of QRA Certification General Information: Extension of Certification. Whenever the clients apply for the extension. Of Scope/ addition of sites Facilities etc. the same is verified during a special visit. Or at the next surveillance audit. And based upon the Lead Assessor and verification. For the issue of amended for scope extension.


Accreditation Statement Of QRA Certification. Certificates issued by Quality Research Accreditation. Remain valid for three years. Subject to the conformance of the quality. And Environment management systems. To the certification Standards being verified. And found satisfactory during periodical surveillance audits.


Accreditation Statement Of QRA Certification Surveillance audits shall be conducted. At periodic interact at least once a year. During the three-year term of validity of the Certificate. Followed by a re-assessment of the quality systems. For renewal of the certification before its expiry.


A special visit may require the certified company‚Äôs premises. In the following circumstances: –

Accreditation Statement Of Quality Research Accreditation. Has reason to believe that the documented systems are inadequate. Maintained with major deficiencies in operation. -In case of any change in the management system standard. Due to which the certification requirements are going to be changed. The client will be intimated in advance for the transition audit.

Accreditation Statement Of QRA Certification. Upon intimation by the certified company. Of any significant change in the certified documented system. Including the extension of scope, a visit will decide. This surveillance audit program shall include as follows.

(A) Internal audit and management review

(B) A review of actions taken. NC identified during the previous audit.

(C) Treatment of complaint

(D) Effectiveness. Of the management system w.r.t. achieving the certified client objectives.

(E) Progress of planned activities. Aimed at continual improvement

(F) Continuing operational control

(G) Review of any changes

(H) Use of marks and or any other reference to certification. Short Notice Audit As a result of a complaint. By any party, any adverse publicity or obstruction. Of the conditions of certification. Or other information received and suspended client.

Accreditation Statement Of QRA Certification. Special visits will be undertaken. Once due notice has been given. And details agreed between the Client. And QRA Certification Visits will be undertaken after due notice has been given.

Due care is taken of the following:

  • Information is given to the client in advance. Regarding the re-source of the visit with details.
  • Due care is taken to select the auditor to Safeguard the Lack of Reason. To a client for objection to the auditor. Suspension, Withdrawal, Extension. And the reduction of Certification. Suspension: The grounds for suspending the certificate are as follows:
    • If the certified organization. Is not getting the Surveillance audit. Conducted as per the certification agreement.
    • If the client is found to misuse the logo. Of the Certification Body. Or is using any kind of misleading statement. Which might affect the reputation of the certification body. And the accreditation board. Any certificate issued by QRA Certification Maybe withdrawn. In the event of the following defaults by a certificate holder.
    • If a surveillance audit is not arranged within 3 months. Of the due date in response to the notice. Issued by QRA Certification (Quality Research Accreditation). A major lack of effective implementation of corrective actions. Within agreed time limits in respect of non-conformities. Identified during surveillance audits.
    • Failure to pay appropriate fees.
    • Continued misuse of Accreditation mark/logo e.g. misleading publications, advertisement or contravention. Of the stipulated conditions for the use of marks/logo.
    • Upon suspension or cancellation. Of the certificate of registration. The name of the organization shall be deleted. From the QRA Certification (Quality Research Accreditation). Approved a list of certified companies.