Halal Certification

Halal Certification, as per Quaran, means ‘permitted’ or ‘lawful’. Halal Certification is necessary for food, cosmetics, and other products which come in direct contact with food items. In many countries like the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc. Halal Certification is necessary to sell the food items. Halal is often used about foods and drinks, i.e. foods that are allowable for Muslims to eat or drink under Islamic Sheridan (law). The criteria specify both what foods are allowable, and how the food must be ready. The foods addressed are mostly types of meat and animal tissue.

Halal Certification, Muslims usually use two terms to describe every subject as Halal or Haraam. Halal is an Arabic word which means permitted, legal concerning which no restriction exists, and the doing and consuming of which the Law-giver, Allah has permitted.

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Halal Certification Mission

  • To educate through continuous promotional tours around India & world with the objective of inspirational and encouraging Muslims to choose and use only Halal certified products.
  • To position the halal market as an economically viable tool and induce product manufacturers to make sure that their products are halal certified.
  • To facilitate the advertising and sourcing of halal-certified products and services for direct manufacturers, buyers, agents, investors and business communities in India and around the world.
  • To help global Halal agencies in their hard work to support product manufacturers to look for Halal Certification for their products and services.