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ISO Application Process

Assessment Manager (AM) shall request the application organization to provide the following information in questionnaire to enable QRA to establish the following:

a) The desired scope of the certification;

b) The general features of the applicant organization, including its name and the address (es) of its physical location(s), significant aspects of its process and operations, and any relevant legal obligations;

c) general information, relevant for the field of certification applied for, concerning the applicant organization, such as its activities, human and technical resources, functions and relationship in a larger corporation, if any;

d) Information concerning all outsourced processes used by the organization that will affect conformity to requirements;

e) The standards or other requirements for which the applicant organization is seeking certification;

f) Information concerning the use of consultancy relating to the management system

Application Review:

On the receipt of application questionnaire the details received shall be reviewed by AM for processing the certification. The review shall be conducted in accordance with Application and contract review”, if the same is found to be within QRA scope of accreditation, AM forwards the application to QM for Contract Review and Quotation issuance process.

Contract Review:

QM shall prepare a quotation after the contract review based on requirements of Man Days, multi site activities and other considerations. Estimation of man days shall be as per QRA procedure “Contract Review”. And after obtaining approval from Director Head Of Certification (HOC) , shall submit the same to the client. The matter shall be followed with the client for securing business.

If the client accepts the quotation of QRA, he will sign a contractual agreement with the QRA Certification Private Limited forward the registration fee and On receipt of all these AM shall be required to verify the relevant details of the client’s application, fee quotation reconfirm Contract. He may consult Director (HOC) or any other officer of QRA to carry out an accurate review. Including allocation of the scope sector of the client’s activities coming under the applied scope of registration with the original Questionnaire to check that there is no discrepancy. Any discrepancy shall be taken up with the client and differences resolved prior to acceptance of work.

ISO Certification