ISO/IEC 17021:2015 Management Systems Certification Body Accredited by UKAF

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Quality Research Accreditation was founded in year 2018. Has an ISO Certification Body. And Established QRA Certification as per the requirement. Of ISO/IEC 17021:2015. Accredited by UKAF

Quality Research Accreditation. It is an independent body to provide ISO Certification. To implement the management system. Of Our Clients for better conformity assessment. To meet the process as per ISO standards.

QRA Certification Private Limited. Registered under the Registrar of Companies. Ministry of Corporate Affairs Government Of India. By Act 2013. Under the nature of Business ISO Compliance. For Third-Party Systems & Products Assessment for the clients.

QRA Certification Corporate Office. Address: NO. 494. 3rd Stage Madhura Nagar. Muthsandra Main Road. Varthur Post, Bangalore – 560087.

Quality Research Accreditation. It can provide clients ISO Certification. With a tailored blend of services. The expertise and extensive global experience. Within legislation and assessments. Held by the experts of QRA from the basis of an in-depth service. For all companies across the globe.

Our assessment processes. Shaped by constant research activities. Significant investments in technology and human resources. Ensuring competitive first-class services. And it contributes to market-leading. Include everything from drafting an ISO Process Manual. To offering on-site training based on the principle. Those qualified and experienced building. And tradesmen can accept for ensuring work complies. With the building regulations. Without the need for detailed scrutiny. Of designs or inspections by the verifier. Has helped implement management Systems. And is unique in the ISO marketplace. With over 30 full-time regional consultants.

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ISO Certification Process

ISO Certification Process. Our expert consultants. The Quality Research Accreditation. The team will assist you in every phase of the project. And will provide the tools you need for successful implementation. And improvement of your System our standard method covers.

  • Gap Analysis.
  • Awareness Training Programs.
  • Documentation Training Programs.
  • Process Documentation.
  • Manual Preparations.
  • Support in Implementation.

Internal Auditor Training Programs.

  • Internal Audits.
  • Management Review.
  • Readiness Review Audits.
  • Assistance during certification audits.

Quality Assurance.

We at Quality Research Accreditation. Are Committed to Improve its Quality System. By providing audit services. To our clients for quality analyze to their business. And provide better guidelines to do better implement. Customer satisfaction needs.

Internal customers focused on the beneficial. For ensuring the management system operates as per ISO standards. With services and customer improvement. Quality management adopts a number of management principles. That can be used by top management to guide. Towards improved performance of new policies. And the Quality Management System. Based on ISO Standards. Involvement of all employees. In Improvement and Innovation in all Spheres of Management.

All projects are unique. And we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. In spite of our project management depends on. the size of the client. The complexity of the processes the urgency of the client. And the competence of people working for a client.

ISO Certification